About Us

The Van.

It’s like your cool friend who always knows what parties are happening this weekend, where the secret hiking spots are, and how to make it look like he woke up like that.

Maybe his girlfriend’s parents don’t completely approve, but he’s so interesting, so polite and so charming, that even they secretly like it when he drops by for dinner. It could be because he disappeared to be a raft guide for three months last summer and came back with the best stories, or maybe because he could convince anybody to call in sick and come bouldering with him.

He’s an outdoors guy through and through. He works so he can play, and he’s never been a big believer in spending money where he doesn’t need to. Why should he when he can use his extra cash for an old-school dirt-bag van that he can share with his friends for adventures? He refuses to sacrifice and scrimp on quality for his favourite hobbies, but knows how to get the gear he needs at wicked-good prices.

Come for the deals, stay for the party.